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sabato 10 gennaio 2015

Kinki Ryusaki (INTERVIEW): "The art of tattooing is like the art of life"

by Pierpaolo De Natale - In her studios in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Kinki Ryusaki creates artworks. The artist produces wonderful masterpieces that have made her famous around the world.

Her canvas is the human body. Her ispiration comes from passion for beauty, colours and human anatomy.

Kinki is a tattoo artist since she was 16 years old and she chose to make her passion her job.

She writes on her facebook page that "the art of tattooing is like the art of life" and her tattoos are as real paintings that should be framed and displayed in an art gallery.

Here's what she told us exclusively for Asia Notizie, before her arrival in Italy. From 6 to 8 February - in fact - Kinki will attend the Milan Tattoo Convention, one of the biggest and older Tattoo convention in the World. 

Kinki, you're one of the most famous international tattoo artist, why did you choose to dedicate your life to this job?
I appreciate the kind gesture and I am certainly making effort to improve my work thanks to support from my family.
For the most part, I don't consider this my job, rather my passion to pursue since I got my first tattoo as a teenager.

What kind of tattoos are most requested in your studio?
Popular Tattoos are definitely portraits. Many come to me to get tattooed the faces of their parents, their children or their partner. The most requested are undoubtedly the family portraits.

Do you still remember your first customer and his tattoo?
Now that you mention it, I honestly do not remember. I was still sixteen, I was focused mainly on the techniques and tools to use. But I can tell you with certainty that she was a she.

Now, let's speak about your future trip in Italy. Have you ever been here?
Not at all. This is my first trip which is why I am excited. I can't wait to leave!

You will be in Milan in February 2015. What will you do with your italian fans?
Tattoo them? I hope that they will be thousands, I really want to prove myself in this new challenge with Italian taste! See you all in Milan!

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Facebook: Kinki Ryusaki and Kinki Ryusaki Studio
Instagram: @KinkiRyusaki